Beratungs- & Orga-Control AG, Zug (Switzerland)

Fiduciary office founded in 1979

I. Standard terms of sale

  1. All transactions are governed by the present standard terms of sale, by the standard terms for the use of the Internet site and by the standard terms for the use of the online payment system, which shall apply to the exclusion of all other conditions. By accepting the service, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and unconditionally accepted the present standard terms of sale.

  2. BOC reserves the right to amend the present standard terms of sale at any time by publishing a new version on this site. Any transactions conducted after the publication of the new version of the standard terms of sale by BOC, shall be deemed to be acceptance of such terms.

  3. Any objection concerning the interpretation of the present terms shall be subject to the law and jurisdiction of Zug, Switzerland.

II. Terms of BOC fiduciary services

  1. By giving an order to BOC, the customer confirms that he has read, understood and fully accepted those terms and conditions.

  2.  All fiduciary services offered by BOC are the subject of billings based on the current price at the time the service is rendered.

  3. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the prices on the current tariff are not subject to any price reduction or discount.

  4. Invoices are payable upon receipt, by bank transfer, on the account of Beratungs- & Orga-Control AG. Receipts for cash payments, to be valid, must be signed by a legal representative of the company.

  5. Disputes relating to invoices, to be valid, must be reported no later than eight days after the issuance of the invoice, by registered mail to the mail. Otherwise, the bill will be considered accepted.

  6. In case of non-payment within 15 days, the debt will bear interest at 5% per year. The debtor also bears all the costs of collection, with a minimum of CHF 500.00

  7. The jurisdiction is Zug.

III. Standard terms for the use of the Internet site

Accessing one of the webpages of Beratungs- & Orga-Control AG, short form BOC, shall be regarded as acceptance of the following conditions.

We draw your attention to the fact

  1. that the accuracy, integrity, confidentiality and secrecy of data on the Internet are not guaranteed;
  2. that BOC refuses any liability in the event that a third party modifies, acquires knowledge of, appropriates, utilises or exploits the data entered by you or by BOC;
  3. that BOC is unable to guarantee the fault-free operation of the software and the hardware;
  4. that BOC refuses any liability in the event of problems due to faulty Internet services or imported data of any kind (concealed introduction of viruses etc) or problems relating to links to or from other webpages;
  5. that the web pages contain information and suggestions but do not contain any direct offer;
  6. that any offer of services must be the subject matter of a contact-making process, which shall be in accordance with the legal provisions of Switzerland.

IV. Standard terms for the use of the online payment system

  1. Beratungs- & Orga-Control AG, BOC, makes available an online payment system for its clientele on its website

  2. BOC issues invoices for the fiduciary services that it renders to its clients. These invoices can be paid by the client by credit card through Secure PayGate.

  3. The invoices shall be payable within ten (10) days

  4. Other services can also be paid for via the Internet. In such event, BOC shall debit the amount of the expenditure only once it is in possession of a written debit authorisation for a specific credit card, the details of which shall have been given by the client to permit the transaction.

  5. Orders shall only be valid if the following transmission mode is complied with: personal signature, sending by courier to Beratungs- & Orga-Control, PO Box 1150, CH-6301 Zug, by fax to +41 41 711 29 07 or by e-mail (boczug email).

  6. If at the request of the client a service should be the subject matter of a debit without it being possible to transmit the authorisation referred to in Article 4, the client shall send BOC an e-mail address in order to allow BOC to confirm the debiting of the expense. No objections shall be raised in this respect.

  7. The simple fact that the client effects payment shall be deemed to constitute agreement to the expense.

  8. With the agreement of BOC, the client can pay his invoices for expenses in instalments according to a written payment schedule. In such event, a global debit authorisation shall be issued by the client according to the transmission modes laid down in Article 5.

  9. The data registered by the payment system shall constitute irrefutable proof of the financial transactions.

  10. The client can cancel the agreement of payment by mail, fax or e-mail whenever he wants to.