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Vanuatu is an archipelago of 81 islands, ideally located in the Coral Sea just a few hours by plane from Australia and New Zealand.

It consists of 81 islands, the most populated of which, Etafé, is home to the capital, Port Vila.

Vanuatu offers significant tax benefits such as the absence of inheritance and business tax Creation and management of local and international compani, in particular.

BOC Pacific has created a working base to develop a business network in the Pacific Ocean.


Creation and management of local and international companies 

Creation of trusts

    Assembly and management of local and regional projects

    Regional representation of the Pacific Ocean, including French Polynesia and New Caledonia 

    Participation in the VERP – Vanuatu Economic Rehabilitation Program

    Vanuatu Citizenship and benefits of it

    in Europe, UK, Asia, Russia and around the world


    Suggested Key benefits of Vanuatu Citizenship include:

    • Visa-free to 125 countries – UK & European Union, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore
    • There are no restrictions on dual citizenship
    • Tax-free country (other than the indirect taxes of VAT and Customs)
    • International off-shore finance centre
    • International Banks present – such as ANZ Bank New Zealand, Bred Bank (France), BSP – Bank of South Pacific ( Papua New Guinea)
    • Simple company and bank account formation procedures
    • Stable, peaceful country
    • An English/French speaking country
    • British Commonwealth Member Country
    • Simple and transparent pricing structure
    • A stunning tropical island nation – both for tourism and living
    • Accountancy
    • Taxes
    • Establishment of banking relationships
    • Money exchange transaction (*)
    • Gold and other precious metal transactions
    • Residence in Switzerland
    • Foreign representation mission

    A country with tremendous economic growth prospects and investment opportunities

    The Development Support Program (DSP) was enacted by the Vanuatu Government and took effect on 01 January 2017.

    BOC Pacific Ltd, affiliated to Beratungs-& Orga-Control AG, Zug,

    – provides the service for applying for Vanuatu Honorary Citizenship ;

    -manages the processing of an application according to the structure, terms of service engagement, procedures, time lines and advice and guidance throughout to ensure your application is processed successfully (info on demand).


    The processing time will be approx. 1-2 months from date of lodgement.

    The Applicant has two options to take the Oath of Allegiance and Collect their Certificate and Passport:

    • Travel to Vanuatu and appear before a Commissioner for Oaths to receive their Citizenship Certificate and Passport, or
    • Oath can be taken in the country of the applicant. In this case the applicant has to pay a fee of US$ 10’000.- for return travel and accomodation of the officer.


    BOC Pacific Ltd Is a company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Vanuatu under

    number 40388.


    The headquarters of BOC Pacific are located in Port Vila at the offices of our local partner, Barrett and Partners, B&P House, Kumul Highway, (P.O. Box 240), Port Vila.

    A multilingual team is present to help clients to carry out their local or regional projects.

    B&P House
    Kumul Highway
    (P.O. Box 240)
    Port Vila
    boczug email
    Tél: +359 2805 7176
    Fax: +359 2805 7001